New tech accelerates concept-to-completion turnaround

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Continuing to engage the latest technologies to  advance output, Urathon have recently ‘mirrored’ in our UK offices the same 3D printer prototyping machines we already utilise in our China based sister operation. Now, the Design and Engineering department in our Chinese factory can ‘speak’ directly to the machines in our design offices in the UK.

So, no need to wait on shipping of precious prototypes; our CAD design software engineers in China can just send the data straight to our 3D printers in the UK, that then get straight to work producing the new designs.

This means we’ve improved production design turnaround time and can create modifications and additional design iterations in real time. This will be especially useful for clients who want to employ our product design services to bring their new ideas and products to market.

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Posted: September 14, 2020