Porters Chair

Features and Benefits

  • Full PU Seat and back – Durable, robust, easy to clean and reduces any cross-infection risk. Ideal in heavy usage situations
  • Strong balanced footplate – Durable with the ability to take the full user weight without tipping
  • The footplate is made from HDPE plastic – Robust and ideal for infection control. Competitors tend to use wood which is a cross infection risk
  • Stainless steel frame – Ensure product longevity. Allows the product to be used outside without fear of rust. Easy to wipe surface reduces risk of cross infection. Competitors are made from mild steel that can rust when exposed to the inclement weather
  • 300kg SWL – Most competitors are only 190 KGs, so this can be used with the heaviest of patients
  • Moulded drop-down arms – Allows for quick and safe side transfers
  • Accessory mounts – Allows IV poles etc to be used with the chair
  • Xray/notes pocket as standard – Enables the users records to be transported safely with the user from department to department.


  • Overall dimensions – 600 x 865 x 1040
  • Seat Width – 540mm
  • Seat Depth – 410mm
  • Seat Height – 540mm
  • Backrest Height – 480mm